Part 2: The process of getting you online

TickRegister domain name.


This should be done as early as possible with a reputable registration service like We can assist you with this as part of your web design package. The cost of domain names vary depending on the domain suffix you require.

When choosing your domain name, think about how easy it will be for others to type. For instance, avoid names that are long and complicated or difficult for the average person to spell. Make it easy for them to get to your site.

TickOrganization and site architecture;

basically, figuring out which pages go where, what information will be on them, etc.

TickWebsite design & layout of visual concept.

Based on our discussions, We generally design 2-3 web site mockups that you can then choose from or that we can use as starting points for arriving at the final design.

TickFinalize your website design.

During this phase, good communication is crucial to ensure that the final result matches your ideas.

TickAddition of text and pictures

TickFinalize all text and layout, test for usability.

"Go live" with site

TickPut it online, accessible to the public.

Register with search engines.

This is an optional, although highly recommended, final step in putting your web site online. This assures that your web site is seen by potential customers when using online search tools.
For a brief overview of how search engine placement works click here.


A Collection of information and tools used in all aspects of website creation and Optimisation.

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