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Social Networking Linking

Social marketing is becoming a standard. It’s free, easy, and very effective. Below are some reasons to get on board with  Social Media Marketing.


Connect with people.

Social marketing puts you in the conversation. Help customers solve problems by offering your solution at a personal level. The Ease of communications has created more competition for companies, and more alternatives for customers.

What are they?

Online communities that interact with text, images and video using personal profile pages, feeds (automated lists of the activities of peers), email and instant messaging (chat).

The spider-web effect.

When someone reads something you say and finds it interesting it is very likely they will “Re-post” or “share” your message with their friends.

You can take a marketing campaign to great distances. From the moment you post something, it may be weeks before it has finished circulating!

Search engine visibility.

There are more and more factors arising every day that give your website better visibility on the web. A big factor is having your own business account with these big Social Media sites. The link from these sites to yours tells Google and search engines that you’re in the “loop” and they will prioritize your website over others because of this.

What do I need to do?

Build a profile on every social network service you can, upload images, information, links and continually update them. Add your friends and colleagues, put links to your social networking profiles on your email and forum signatures, then go out and search for other people with similar interests to add to your friends list. Then create an interesting blog (or several) that you post short articles to, including your call to action and a link to your website on every post. Send email newsletters to your list (if you're capturing contact details on your website or if you already have a database of customers) letting them know about each new post and anything else of relevance to them.


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