Generating Traffic: Writing Content

Writing the right Content

A stumbling block many people run into when creating website content is that they don't like to write. And they especially don't like to write about themselves or their business. It's quite common, in fact, so if this describes you, you're not alone.

Rather than writing your own content, and perhaps doing it poorly, it might be wise to hire someone - perhaps a marketing consultant experienced in writing web content, someone who can talk to you about your company and then help put it all into words.

You could also research other websites within your field that rank highly in the search engines. Study their wording and how they present themselves. Legally and ethically, you can't use their exact wording. But you can certainly use it as inspiration.

Web content - not always interesting!

Written content should draw the reader’s attention in the first few sentences they will see. If it is a subject they have likely been researching, they’re going to want to read something different.

Many companies make the mistake of letting their web sites become 'brochure' sites. Information on the company, products and services is all that the site contains. A year after the site is launched, the 'News' page still contains just a couple of stories - one of them usually a press release about the new web site! Very boring and not conducive to repeat visits. Your ultimate aim should be to develop a site that becomes known as one of the best resources on the web for your products or services.

Some easy ways to generate web content

  • Write an email newsletter and archive previous issues on your site
  • Archive company press releases on your site
  • Ask your suppliers for product information or brochures in electronic format (PDF files are ok if not too large)
  • Compile answers to a 'Frequently Asked Questions' list


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