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They can be formal or casual, modern or traditional, serious or friendly, cool or warm..

Type matters

Fonts, or typefaces, are a great way to customize your documents. A font family is a group of related typefaces - a font family typically includes the same font in different weights, such as bold and light, and in italics. The fonts you choose can help you set the mood for your piece. Misused, however, they can make your work look amateurish or difficult to read.

Fact - If you change your font too many times, you can impair the reader's ability to absorb the information.

As a web designer you now have a much larger library of web enabled fonts available to you. You’re no longer limited to the standard web safe fonts. The newer and easier methods of implementation have made these web font libraries an ideal choice for any web designer to give website that creative edge.

The @Font-Face CCS2 rule added back in 1998 made it possible to call in and import web font for rendering if the user doesn’t already have that specific font. It wasn’t actually made possible to only recently when popular web browsers started adopting this CSS method and making the available for web designers and developers.

The legal implications of using the fonts and delivering the fonts correctly made it hard to adopt and start using fonts but has given rise to many free and subscription based font services.

All The Fonts You Could Ever Need!

Web Font Resources :-

  • - Cufon plug-in directory for the most commonly used in the world you've made the font from which you access all the fonts cufon file.
  • - hundreds of prepackaged @font-face kits which include multiple font formats, CSS and HTML code.
  • - Seen a font in use and want to know what it is?
  • Google Webfonts - Google Web Fonts lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Web Fonts API. All fonts in the directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and are served by Google servers.


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